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Principal's Desk

Mrs. Sanghamitra Chatterjee


Message to students

Dear Students,

Education, when acquired can never be lost or stolen.  The true sense lies in the character building that happens as a continuous process.

Your realization about true education is the first step taken towards the liberation of your thoughts.

Education cannot be confined in the gathered knowledge written in papers. It is an unceizing process of absorbing life skills & lessons and practising those in one’s entire childhood to give shape to the responsible human being —– inside whom all the emotional manifestations reach a balanced state.

There is a strong reason behind observing your personality attributes minutely by qualified adults. It is the most important part published in an individual report card but unfortunately neglected or overlooked because personal profile is always rated in form of suggestions and never marked.

This is displayed not to show any inadequacy in you but to draw your attention towards the areas you need to put some extra attention upon.

To analyze this part, just be with your inner self and match with your realization about your behavioural patterns. Good or underrated, if it appears true to you, then you are very much walking in the right direction and no one can stop you from becoming a better person in the upcoming year.

I strongly believe and pray that you never consider value education as an academic subject but accept it to build a balance between love, affection, empathy, respectfulness, responsibility, anger, sadness, accepting failures and above all to learn the importance of staying positive in the most testing times.

This will lead you to become educated, confident and a person with best etiquette.

In school, we strive to help you in building a strong foundation in personality development which is a ceaseless process. 

Take lessons from the shortfalls till today and prepare yourself for the new academic session with new energy and renewed attitude because academic excellence follows when you determine to stay physically and mentally fit. When you build a strong personality, your will and approach towards studying books also changes in positive direction.

Lastly, to remind you once again the Mantra towards a peaceful life—

There is no replacement for self-discipline in life. Your teachers help you in selecting the best that is available in your surroundings yet it is you who have the choice of choosing the appropriate for your bright future. Nurture your wonderful thoughts to shape your personality.

I firmly believe in your wholehearted involvement in all school endeavours with highest sincerity and discipline.

Stay blessed!


Mrs. Sanghamitra Chatterjee