From The Desk of The Headmistress

Dear Parents,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
As world is shaken by the sudden tremor released by COVID-19, I hesitate to wish you all greetings of the season. Spring is here and all the species out in nature are enjoying the essence of it except human race. News says pollution is less, social cruelties are minimized and reports say Mother Earth is healing her wounded lungs. But we are not well.
It is an urge to all the students and their families to stay at home following government orders during this lockdown period. This is a time to show your best citizenship qualities by staying home-quarantined and by showing patience. Express mental support to each other. Numerous fake news are giving a round in the social networking sites to confuse us or to create panic. Best way to live in a positive manner is to practice all authority suggested ways to keep COVID-19 away from your vicinity—Wear mask all the time, wash your hands frequently with soap water or use sanitizers, be vigilant on your health conditions. If there is any sign of flu related symptoms seek medical advice. COVID-19 is dangerous when it is neglected at the primary level else not. To improve your body-system immunity, eat protein rich healthy diet.
Amidst all the worries and queries, it is a time to keep compose and not to express high anxiety on the fate of the new Academic Session 2020-21.
Our teachers have already started providing students few options of online education and flipped classroom to cater to the basic need of scholastics. I take this platform to assure our valued parents that we will take necessary care to complete the curriculum, have faith on us as you have shown earlier.
I also take this opportunity to advice you dear parents, on certain practices that will help your ward to become self dependent and are beneficial on building a strong value system.
Help your children to follow the hygiene guidelines, tell them about transmission of virus and how deadly it can be. Allow them to watch a global news channel once in a day to show how different parts of the world is affected inspite of varied climatic conditions. A healthy food habit helps to win battles with deadly sickness, also is an important lesson. Talk to children about how it had spread from wet market, what is a wet market, what is called a pandemic, how the epicentre of a pandemic shifts, how this pandemic has spread, why animals are not affected that much. Above all inform children about what they are witnessing are making of a HISTORY and they are a part of it!
Take each and every lesson about do’s and don’ts of health care regime.
This is a family time that no one would have got otherwise in this busy world. Use it in making strong family bonds. Indian culture and yoga practices are now welcomed by the whole world. Motivate your children to practice yoga everyday in the morning. Involve them in small household core activities. Also help them to learn insignificant appearing important tasks like tying shoe laces, buttoning of shirt, whitening canvas shoes, opening and closing a tiffin box, proper way to fold a napkin, tucking a shirt inside the bottom wear, setting a table for meals etc.
You all are in my prayers at this testing time. Here I conclude by reminding that we Indians have always shown the most courageous and fittest path to rest of the world in all the eras to fight all difficult situations. This time too it will not be an exception. Citizens of this world will conquer all odd to emerge as conqueror!! World will be cured very soon! Time to time you will be notified through SMS in your registered phone about any proceedings.
 Stay home, stay safe and stay positive till the school reopens.

                                                                                                                         Jai Hind!!
                                                                                                                         Sanghamitra Chatterjee
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