List of Vacations : 2021-22

 1. Summer Vacation                               :                24th May’21, Monday
                                                                                   20th June’21, Sunday
     School Reopens on                              :                21st June’21, Monday
2. Puja Holidays                                     :              11th Oct’21, Monday
                                                                                      24th Oct’21, Sunday
    School Reopens on                              :                  25th Oct’21, Monday
      3. Deepawali                                             :                04th Nov’ 21, Thursday
                                                                                      07th Nov’ 21, Sunday
    School Reopens on                                 :                  8th Nov’ 21, Monday
   4. Winter Holidays                                    :                25th Dec’21 Saturday
                                                                                     2nd Jan’22, Sunday
   School Reopens on                                 :                3rd Jan’22, Monday


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